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      Driving by (rental) car from SJO Airport to Margarita's Airport Hotel San Jose
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    3. Taxi transfer from SJO Airport to Airport Hotel San Jose
    Driving from SJO Airport to Margarita Airport Hotel
    Taxis and locals take the shorter road from A to B via Alajuela downtown and Princesa Marina Seafood Restaurant
    For tourists the easiest way is to drive from A to B over the Panamerican Highway (Highway 1)

    Tip: Print this description before your departure to Costa Rica
    Our GPS location: North 10.00425   West 84.27207 
       Although the drive described below is not the shortest route, it shouldn't
       take more than 12 to 15 minutes.
       Most taxi drivers will take the shorter route from the airport Point 1 on map below
       will pass the Mall blue marker, drive thru Alajuela center, pass 
       Prinsesa Marina Restaurant blue marker and reach Point 5
       on the map below from the other side
    San Jose International Airport Departure Point 1 on map below
    1. If you rent your car right at the airport, take the first exit 
       to Alajuela (exit to the right; this road doubles back) then 
       stay in left lane to San Ramon; DON'T take the second exit to 
       the right that says Alajuela.
       Now follow the Panamerican Highway (Costa Rica Highway 1) in the 
       direction of San Ramon / Puntarenas / Nicaragua
    2. After 0.6 miles you pass the first 2-lane bridge, Point 2 on map below 
       and after 5 minutes you pass at the left Costa Rica's biggest
       milk factory 'Dos Pinos' Point 3 on map below
       After 9-10 minutes you pass the second 2-lane bridge, and almost
       immediately you will see the exit signs:
       'Atenas - Jaco - Quepos - Punta Leona - Alajuela' and at your left you
       will see the many gasoline tanks of Recope.  
    3. Take this exit and stay in the most right lane of the road.
       At the top of this exit turn RIGHT, direction Alajuela.
       Point 4 on map below  
       This major intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 3 is called 'Manolos'
       From here it's only 5 minutes to our Hotel
    4. You are now driving on Highway 3 in eastbound direction.
       After a few minutes you will see at the left our local zoo,, 300 feet more and you will see at the right our local 
       casino, Hotel-Spa Casino Martino.
       1 Minute after Hotel Martino you see at the right a big blue sign
       with white letters INCAE. Turn RIGHT at this sign.
       Point 5 on map below  
       This sign is 3.5 km from Manolos (where you exited Panamerican Highway 1)
    5. After 300 meters you see at the left the green columns of the
       parking lot of the Santa Fe High School.
       Point 6 on map below  
       300 Meters further and you will see
       - at the left a private road with the sign 'Margarita'  Turn left here
       - at the right the orange gate of 'Apartamentos Palma Real'
       Point 7 on map below  
    6. Opposite this orange gate you enter the private road to our hotel
       After 150 meters you will see our black gate with red-white
       fluorescent stripes.
       Behind our gate you see the sign 'Margarita de La Garita'
       Point 8 on map below. Our entrance gate, you have arrived 
         Use your lights or use the intercom in the wall at the 
       left side of the gate.
       If you miss the orange gate or 'Margarita' sign, you can make a U-turn in
       front of the INCAE Business School, 100 meters further left.
       This road is a dead-end road anyhow.  It ends at INCAE
    7. Immediately after passing our gate you see the hotel at your right.
       Park your car next to the main building at the left.
       Our GPS location: North 10.00425   West 84.27207